Belford high school is one of the most preferred educational institutions by many students. The reason for this decision is more than clear. First of all the college grants high quality diplomas printed on traditional diploma paper with gold plated seal of the High school. It identifies it as a diploma from reliable and reputed institution. The second circumstance which makes many students to prefer the university is connected with payment of the studying. You can pay for your online high school diploma in easy – to – make installments with no extra charges. Everyone can start by only paying 99 $ and the balance can then be paid within thirty days of putting down the initial amount. The third main reason for the popularity of the high school is connected with earning degrees from the college. This is an extremely empowering chance for all those who want to continue their studies after pushing their program from the high school. The degrees from Belford high school are offered at discounted prices exclusively for all the students of the university. Forth and last reason that makes the students to prefer studying in the university is following: delivers complete high school diploma package through free express shipping that takes less than three days.


Belford high school

Belford high school is an educational institution that is preferred by many students from all over the world. There are many reasons for this decision. The university is one of the most prestigious high schools. It provides high school diplomas based on individual life experience or online equivalency test. The university also gives the students convenience to pay in simple installments through Flexible Payment Plan with no extra charges. It also provides Lifetime Credential Verification Services. Another option that university offers is the ability for everyone to earn a degree from it. The school is not accredited by any accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. Without recognized accreditation, both credits and degrees from the university might not be acceptable to employers and other academic institutions. Besides the use of degree titles may be restricted or illegal in some jurisdictions. A 2005 investigate report characterized the university as one of the hundreds of diploma mills easily accessible online. The university was also determined as not a legitimate institute of higher education. No legitimate educational institution offers a complete degree on the basis of one life’s experience. In an article form 2007, a journalist from Yale Daily News reported that he had applied for a doctorate with what he described as a brief paltry life experience justification and was approved for his requested degree twelve hours later. He also said that the basic price for a doctorate was 549 dollars and entitled the recipient to a transcript showing 3.0grade point average. Belford high school was another one of the Salem Kureshi’s websites which falsely represented the existence of an accredited and legitimate high school. The site was shut down along with Belford University on August 31 2012.