There are many different and popular distance learning universities. For example such kind of educational institutions are Open University, Harvard University in which is available distance learning programs, University of London and many others. In each of them there are many options and opportunities for all the students who want to get higher education and develop professional skills. The style of distance learning in Open University is called “Open Learning”. This just means that everyone study on his own, either at home or wherever suits him – reading, watching or listening to material supplied, doing assignments and activities with regular support from his tutor. Open learning also means that everyone will be learning in his own time. So you can use writing assignments, working on activities or reading study material. All students will get the opportunity to interact with other students through the OU’s online conferencing system, through events and clubs organized by the OU’s Student Union or tutorials and informal study groups. Students will be taught through printed study materials, video DVDs and audio CDs and also online resources. Students work with them on a week – by –week basis and locally –based learning support and tutorials provide face – to – face contact for many students.

Distance learning university

The University of London, which allows distance learning, is unlike many other universities. This method of teaching is flexible and gives many opportunities for successful development in professional and personal plan. Some of the items that are used in each distance learning university, are CDs and DVDs, access to the Internet, video – conferencing and many others. There are many universities where this kind of studying is available. We already told about Open University but both The University of London and Harvard University are also famous and prestigious. First consists of 18 self governing Colleges and also 10 smaller specialist research institutes. University of Florida also allows distance learning, which is today preferred by many young boys and girls. All they want to get higher education  online, because they can meet with other people and to study interesting subjects. Furthermore in all of the online universities and colleges every week many interesting courses take place. They can also be in summer when students are free and have already taken their exams. Distance learning at the University of Florida provides access to an online campus of over one hundred online degree and certificate programs. Boston University is the next educational institution that offers distance learning. Of course, these are just a small part of the institutions where in our days distance learning is available. For more than 140 years this university has changed the world with pioneering research and academic innovations. Walden University is also chosen by many students. This is how thanks to the large number of distance learning universities this kind of studying has become very popular today. Each of these educational institutions has many advantages and gives a wild variety of options to be chosen.