Walk in with your Earphones and Your iPod Playing. Put your iPod away before you walk in to apply for a job or go on a job interview although you might be dying to catch the end of your favorite song. Bring Food or Drink. Because it is not professional to eat or drink during your interview, plan ahead and grab a coffee or other beverage or a snack before or after your interview. Bring Your Parents or Friends. You should go to apply for jobs and go to job interviews alone, so don't bring your parents, your friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Have your friends wait outside the store or elsewhere in case you're applying for a retail job and you're with them. The only time this would not apply is if you and your friends were applying at a company that was hiring for several positions. Act Unprofessionally. Make an effort to greet your interviewer kindly, and be active and engaged during the interview process, no matter how difficult your job search is. Be outgoing and positive, even if you don't feel that way. Don't Be Upfront About When You're Available.

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Be honest with your prospective employer when you know when it's feasible for you to work. You don't want to end up taking on more hours than you can handle or commit to a schedule that won't work out, inconveniencing both yourself and your employer. Ask for Money. I cringe when someone tells me they've asked for a certain salary when they haven't even been interviewed yet. Avoid mentioning compensation until you have a job offer or, at least, until the employer brings it up. Be careful as to how you negotiate salary even then. What are the worst job search mistakes you can make? Some are major mistakes that can halt your job search before it even gets going. Others are small mistakes that, given a competitive job market, can be enough to knock you out of contention for a job. Be sure to avoid the top job search mistakes, so you're in the best position to effectively job search. What's the worst mistake you can make when you're job searching? Read about the top mistakes that could cost you a job offer and add your advice on job search mistakes to avoid to the list. Some of the toughest things about job searching are getting rejected or being ignored and not hearing back. It is much more likely when you’re applying for jobs that aren’t a good fit, but that can happen anyway. You’ll minimize rejection if you apply for the jobs you are the most qualified for from a personal perspective as well as a professional one. When employers list job requirements, they advertise open positions for a reason. They want to hire the person who is the best qualified applicant for the job. hiring managers have a good selection of qualified candidates for most jobs.