Are you moving into one of Toronto's many university or college residences for the first time? Living in residence is different from living in your own apartment, and very different from living with parents. Planning and packing carefully can help make the transition that much easier, and can reduce the stress of your new studies. Sounds obvious? The thing is every residence building at every university and college in Toronto is set up a little bit differently. So what your friend told you about rez life inside a suite at York's Calumet College may not apply if you're moving into a single room on Humber College's Lakeshore Campus. But you apply the advice of friends, parents and articles accordingly by knowing about your own room. Take a few minutes to carefully read the residence information you've already received from your school, and visit the housing website to check for any more tips in case you have not done so already. Getting in touch ahead of time can help ease the awkwardness of suddenly living with a stranger in case you are going to have roommate or be sharing a suite. It also provides a great opportunity to make sure you're not doubling up on things that could easily be shared.

Moving into residence

Get in touch early to find out about their major, shared interests, and who's going to bring what in case our school gives out information about roommates. Storage space is at a premium inside a rez room. Obviously there are some things you'll need right away, but others can wait until you've had time to sort yourself out and take stock of the actual space you have to work with. Priorities will be different for everyone though. Are you certain there's no way you can be happy without your entire collection of horror films? Then bring 'em along. Just know that you probably can't bring everything you own. You obviously can't take a quick trip home to collect things you left behind in case you are moving across the country or are coming in internationally. Just don't go shopping for anything you're not sure you'll need or have room for in these situations. Bring it if you already own it, but otherwise wait and see. All Toronto colleges and universities have on-campus stores or are near to department stores that can fill your needs. All residence rooms will come furnished with a bed, a desk and chair, some shelves and storage space for clothes - a closet, dresser or both. So you should not bring any actual furniture. They will very likely also provide a wall-mounted mirror, a garbage can and either an in-room or shared recycling container. Again, check the information for your specific residence to see if there's anything else they provide, such as a phone. You may think you'll be okay wearing only a towel to the bathroom and back, but your opinion may change when your roommate locks you out mid-shower. Not that I would know.